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Hi guys,
I have been getting a lot of the same questions so I’ll sum up the answers here. I’ll be adding to these as I go.

1. Just Cause 3 Multiplayer 
Of course, having a MP would be cool. But we had to decide where to focus our energy and we decided to do our best with SP and make it as amazing as possible. We believe that this is where Just Cause shines and where our strength is. So we are working on making a great SP experience with new gear, better graphics and much more. We hope that once you get your hands on it, you will like it as much as we do. 

2. Modding 
We love what the community has created for JC2. So while we are not going to release a modding kit given the complexity and uniqueness of the engine JC3 is being developed on (owned and created by Avalanche), we would love to see mods for JC3 as well. We are currently working out how this support could look. We will keep you posted. But no, no Steam Workshop and no modding kit.

3. Size of the map 
It’s comparable to the JC2 one, nearly 400 sq miles, but it will be busier.

4. Damage system 
We have improved the damage system in JC3 so vehicles can be destroyed more realistically.

5. Wildlife
There is some wildlife but we will reveal more closer to the release date.

6. Specs 

7. First Trailer/Gameplay 
It's out on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/justcausegam

8. Social Links 
For now, you can follow us on twitter (https://twitter.com/justcause) & Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/JustCause/)  Instagram (http://instagram.com/justcausegame)...you can see all of them on the homepage when you click on the icon in the top right corner. :)

9. Linux & Mac support 
We are not planning to support Linux and Mac for now.

10. Platforms 
JC3 will be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4. 
(last gen versions are not planned currently)

11. Languages 
In addition to English, Just Cause 3 will be available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Mexican Spanish in full audio and text!



  • Hello Petra,

    I'd like to introduce myself I am the owner of justcause2mods.com, I started the site when I had my final year exams in university(eek!) But it was worth skipping revision to create a modding community for Just Cause 2! I am proud of the community and mods we have built so far, and I can't believe how many people are still playing Just Cause 2.

    About Question 2 - Thanks for supporting modding even if you can't release tools we understand and will try our best to mod the game with what we have. Hopefully this will keep the game exciting for fans for many years to come. I have been hard at work on justcause3mods.com its not quite ready yet. It will be a nice upgrade with a beautiful clean layout with a fully featured mod database with ratings, comments and screenshots which will work on all devices.

    I hope to support Just Cause 3 in any way I can and have already begun posting Just Cause 3 announcements on the homepage of the site. It would be good to get in contact with you nearer to launch and see if i can find a way to give you a list of featured mods for you to post.

    Keep up the great work, can't wait to find out more about the game.

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    Zenin: Hi! Nice to meet you! :)

    I love when people do stuff like that. I can't wait to see your new website. I definitely plan to support mods from the community side of thing. We are working on a website within the site where we would be highlight the best mods out there (we would test them, make sure they are fun to play and also make videos about it so people have an idea what it is they are getting into) so maybe we can have a chat in the future about how we can work together.

    I have checked your website and it looks very nice. I'm really impressed with the effort and time you have put into it.

    Thanks and hope to see you around! :)
  • Love the Just Cause Community, can't wait to contribute! Absolutely love avalanche and how they make games, great commitment!

    P.S Just tell me, there's a Michael bay easter egg as one of the side missions...right?! His name will be Mr Port or something and is filming rico blow stuff up? :D
  • why just cause 2 game is not sell well ? it is a super-duper game.i see that your game only sell from 6 to 7 millions.it is an average rate for any good game.you well have to do promotion for your game b/c i have notice max.  people doesn't know about your game. gta sells very well 46 millions. so i request you to do promotion for just cause 3 for your well money and explosions.

  • OpelovaOpelova Posts: 347MemberAdministratorModerator

    @govasu: JC2 was selling well and people still play it considering when it was published. GTA is different than JC3 and the budget they had for making it was way way bigger so you can't really compare the two. But we hope JC3 will be picked up by a lot of people and we are doing our best to ensure that. :)

    I'm working on JC3 only so I have no idea about Mad Max, sorry. 

  • When will the merch be available? I need a poster of the firestarter trailer and an explosion in my bedroom right now.

    P.S Firestarter will be half of rico's face, with fire in the background and explosions in his eyes, need this pls pls pls pls plssss!!!
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    I mentioned in my post in the "favorite things" thread that my favorite thing to do in JC2 was to play with the AI, and I'm glad to hear that they (the civilian AI) now react to what happens around them more realistically, and that sounds great. However, I wanted to know about the faction/military skirmishes. In both JC games the faction members randomly engaged in combat with the military when they came in contact. Will this feature carry over to the third game? In a few images seen on the site I noticed that Rico appears to be taking on the military with friendlies nearby.

    I think this could definitely be classified as a random event, but other players might think of random events as things related to what @justcausenews described, like how in Mafia II when gangsters occasionally steal cars randomly, and if seen by the police will end up in a high-speed chase.

    I'm super happy that we get questions like this answered, since it's unlikely that promo material for a Just Cause game will talk about how the AI are well programmed. The bulk of the playerbase just wants to know how big the 'splosions are! :)
  • Can we ask questions in the comments here?

    Is the grapple hook cable going to be collide-able / wrap round-able?
    Understandably you cannot give away too much :D

    It seems I am the first posting member on the forum yay! Looking forward to some good times on here.
  • Opelova  - Are you single ?
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    Axeslashed: Hi! Nope, it won't have a wrap feature :( But it will be able to grapple more things together than before and there are other things that we have improved on it as well. :) 

    BTW: congrats on the first comment! :)
  • are you taken burnout developers for realeastically driving ? but there is no need to do so b/c if you want to reach any place, we can take by wingsuiting not by car

  • i don't see mad max for a year. where it is? when it 's released?why you delay it? i need gameplay for mad max now 
  • Some merch would in fact be awesome. Maybe a Rico action figure with a grapple action :D
  • The game will have weapons customization or only improvements like a skill tree ?
     And the Steam Workshop will be available to improve the modding community?
     (Sorry for my English)
  • Rico looked so real in the trailer. It felt as it will bag the "Best Graphics" award. But since it is a CG trailer, will the graphics be same in JC3 as in the trailer? Is it a facial scan or a motion capture?
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