Bad support for 21:9 screen resolutions

Hi everyone,

I registered here to give you a feedback and request an upgrade fixing what is very annoying for me.
I just bought Just Cause 3 and I'm playing with a large screen with a ratio of 21:9, at the resolution of 3440x1440.
My problem is in the radio screen, when I click on the map. There is always a HORIZONTAL OFFSET between where I click and the place that is effectively triggered by my click.
For example, if I want to click on a city, I have to click not directly on it, but at a certain point of the left of it, and it selects.
It is very frustrating, as I took time to understand that problem.
I tested it with more "classical" resolutions, like 1920x1080, and there's no problem.
I have to play in 1920x1080 for now, but it stretches my game horizontally and it's awful !
Please, hand this bug report "as is" to the devs, and deploy an upgrade (on Steam, I bought JC3 on Steam).
Thank you in advance.

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