PS4 - Unable to Play Game

Firstly, this website is as reliable as the game.  Registered for an account, got an email and then the website claims not to recognise the email address.  Register again and all is fine.

This is my second attempt to post an issue.  First attempt, 'Post Discussion' would not work.  Trying again.  Bit of a theme here.

PS4, switch ON Just Cause 3 and at the point of trying to connect to the server, nothing.  Good internet connection as all other games on the PS4 work fine.

Seen a suggestion to disconnect from the internet and the launch Just Cause 3.  If this is the answer, bit of a fudge if you ask me.

Could some please advise me what the real valid company endorsed solution to this problem is?

Played the game twice since 'New' Dec 16, and since then, nothing.  What a waste of money.

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