I hope to be able to add items

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  1. The protagonist can change clothing,Parachute appearance, hair, beard function, as well as equipped with body armor
  2. Weapons can be retrofitted with kits, painted and upgraded,and can use different grenade and ammos,likes incendiary grenade, flashbang grenade, EMP grenade, incendiary bullet, explosive bullet, armor piercing
  3. Vehicles can be retrofitted with kits, painted and upgraded
  4. The enemy can also be equipped with weapons kits, such as laser sight, grenade launcher, flashlight, arms grip and different scope,and can use different grenade and ammos,likes incendiary grenade, flashbang grenade, EMP grenade, incendiary bullet, explosive bullet, armor piercing
  5. The enemy can use the rope to land on a helicopter
  6. When the enemy is taken, sometimes the enemy will fight back, then start using QTE attack
  7. I think the protagonist melee action is too monotonous, you can use the knife, gun, rope attack
  8. Can join the hidden element, you can assassinate the enemy
  9. Add telescope marker facilities and enemy location and type, night vision goggles, thermal detection
  10. The enemy can use a flashlight, night vision goggles or searchlight at nightThe enemy can also swim and shoot
  11. Every time you start the animation to add a skip
  12. Cloud save
  13. Gunshot wound effect
  14. Burn injury effect
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